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Welcome to our family pages.  We are Jay Funk and Barbra Ballard Funk and these pages are a labor of love for our children and the reset of the family.  These pages are simply an attempt to research and document where our families have come from, plus any other interesting tid-bits.

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The ancient Anglo-Saxon culture which was once found in Britain is the soil from which the many generations of the Ballard family have grown. The name Ballard was given to a member of the family who was a person known for their lack of hair. (So the legend goes.) As a point of interest, the name is derived from the Old English word ball-ard, which means a bald headed man. The family lived in Yorkshire and the first Ballards came to America in the early 1600's.


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  • The Ballard History from 1420 to 1903 by Ballard Family Association



Medieval Ballard Family


Hi, As a researcher who has spent 30 years investigating the medieval Ballard families (and by that I mean finding and transcribing source documents, analysing the evidence provided and establishing a probative pedigree) perhaps you will allow me to make a few observation on the published pedigree on your website? For the sake of clarity my comments are interleaved in red.

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Fulco Ballard
Birth:      1250 in Nottinghamshire, England
Children:  Fulco Ballard  born ~1294


I can find absolutely no references in any primary or secondary sources that a Fulco Ballard even lived in Nottinghamshire let alone that he was born there! It follows then that there is nothing proving that he had a son Fulco!


Fulco Ballard II
Birth:    1294 in Flemish
Death:  1346 in England

Again there is no evidence supporting this assertion concerning a Fulco born in Flanders (NB Flemish is the language spoken or collective noun for those born in Flanders). There is no evidence of a Fulco Ballard who died in England in 1346. There is no evidence of him having a son Fulco.


Fulco Ballard III
Birth:    1325 in Belgium or Sandhurst, Kent, England

Same as above. The generations above are at best a “fabrication”.


Gregory Ballard
Birth:    1345 in England
Occupation: Chief Butler of Richard II

Gregory Ballard did indeed exist and ample evidence of him survives. He was not, however, born in 1345 and we cannot say when he was born exactly but since he died in 1415 and first came to notice in the State Papers as a yeoman of the Butlery in 1391 then he was probably born about 1370 but not much earlier. He did NOT have a son Gregory who married Katherine Gregory, he himself married Katherine Gregory.


Gregory Ballard
Birth:    1370 in Courier of CP, Kent, England
Death: 4 OCT 1415 in Greenwich,Kent,England
Father: Gregory Ballard born 1345 in England
Spouse: Katherine Gregory

This is the same person identified above but I have no idea where Courier of CP, Kent is, do you? There is circumstantial evidence that Gregory was not born in Kent but Buckinghamshire. There is absolutely no evidence as to who Gregory’s father was. He did not die on 4 October 1415, that was the date on which he made his will but the IPM was not called until 18 October 1415. Gregory’s children are recorded in his will and his IPM and there is no Gregory George Ballard.



Gregory George Ballard 1400

Gregory George Ballard
Birth:     1400-1430 in Chartham, Kent, England
Father: George Ballard

Birth:     1400-1410

Married: 1422


  1. Thomas Ballard 1430-1467

  2. Roger Ballard
    No such person, this is a corruption of the information relevant to Gregory.
    Gregory had sons Thomas and John Gregory there was no Roger.

Thomas Ballard 1430-1467

Thomas Ballard
Birth:     1430 in England                        ◄ interesting, so born 15 years after his father died? Actually nearer to 1394. - Paul Ballard
Father:  Gregory George Ballard
Mother: Catherine
Death:   1467 in Horton,,Kent,England 
 ◄ it is documented that he died 18th August 1465 but we do not know where exactly. - Paul Ballard

Philipa Walsingham
birth:    1418 in Scadbury Park,Chislehurst,Kent,England
Thomas Walsingham born 1396 in Scadbury Park,Chislehurst,Kent,England 
Mother: Katherine Belhouse born 1386-1421
          or Margaret BAMME born 1398 in Gillingham,,Kent,England

Married: 1450 in Chislehurst, Kent, England  
source for this please? I have never found any reference to a date or place.


  1. Thomas Ballard

  2. Robert Ballard

  3. Humphry Ballard

  4. Phillip Ballard

Phillilp Ballard 1517

Phillip Ballard
Birth:     1517 in England
◄ no evidence exists to show who Phillip’s father was. (In fact no evidence exists that Phillip even existed!!)
               Mother:  Philipa Watsingham
Spouse:   Joane Fitzwilliams


Joanna "Joane" Fitzwilliams
Birth:    1530 in Southwell,,Nottinghamshire,England
              Father: Edward FITSWILLIAM born 1518 in Southwell,,Nottinghamshire,England
              Mother: ELEANOR born 1511 in Grismond Castle,,Monmouthshire,Wales
Death:  1574 in Southwell,,Nottinghamshire,England
1539 in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England 
◄ can you provide a source citation for this please I have been unable to find it?


  1. George Ballard     ◄ Where did the Marshall come from?
                           I have nearly 20 source references for William and in not one does it have William Marshall Ballard.

  2. William Marshall Ballard b: 1550-57 in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, england


William Marshall Ballard ~1550-1605

William Marshall Ballard
Birth:     1550-57 in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England
Father:  Phillip Ballard
Mother: Joanna "Joane" Fitzwilliams
Death:   1605 in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England

Ann Lunn
Birth: 1558 in Welley England
Death: <1605 in Southwell,Nottingham,England

◄ William Ballard had other children as well and the mother of his children was not Ann Lunn but Agnes Robinson.
                     If he in fact married Ann Lunn, and to date no marriage has been found, then it was after 1568.

  1. Henry Ballard b: 1575 in England


Henry Ballard 1575

Henry Ballard
Birth:     ~1575 in St. Mary, Nottingham, England
Father:  William Ballard b: 1550 in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England
Mother: Ann Lunn
Death:   1642 in England

Elizabeth Townsend
Birth:     ~1577                 ◄ There is no Tenterton in Nottinghamshire this should be Testerton, Norfolk.
Death:   1637 in Southwell, Notts, England
Father:  Thomas TOWNSEND        born 1534 in Bracon Ash, England
Mother: Elizabeth Styles PERIENTE born 1536 in Digswell, Hertford, England
Marriage: ~1597-99 in England


  1. Phillip Ballard           b: 1597 in England

  2. Elizabeth Ballard      b: 1599 in England

  3. Thomas Ballard        b: 1600 in England married Anne Chesley born 1588 in England children Jane born ~1618

  4. Catherine Ballard     b: 1602

  5. Ann Ballard

  6. William Ballard b: AUG 1603 in Warwickshire, England ◄ no he was not! He was baptized 6 Sep 1603 in Southwell and buried 28 June 1619 in Southwell – so he IS NOT the progenitor of one of the MA lines!!

United States Ballard Family