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From: Ryan Otnes
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2012 6:40 AM
Subject: otnes family history

Hi, my name is Ryan Christopher Otnes. I was born July 6th 1988, in southeast Alaska and I am the Grandson of Clarence Otnes, son of Steven Otnes. I haven't asked my dad much about our family history. I had no idea there were this many Otnes'. I can only remember my father telling me about a sort of family reunion he attended when he was a young boy, i think he was 8 or  9. My mother is of the Nisgaa tribe of British Columbia, and was adopted into the Tlingit clan of southeast alaska. Her family is the only one I've been able to learn about until now. I just wanted to say, Thank you so much for making this website and making it possible for me to learn more about the Otnes family.



From: Jay Funk
Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2011 8:27 AM
Subject: RE: Family Website




Thanks for your email. 

I have made these corrections to the website.

Do you still live in Oregon?

Do you have any old family photos you can share?

Anything more for the family website would be greatly appreciated.


I have also forwarded your email to my mother-in-law,

your 1st cousin Chris Bridgewater Hoagland in Butte Montana.



Jay Funk





Hello Jay and Barbra~


My name is Michelle Harvey (Norma Michelle Otnes). I am one of the daughters of Clarence and Mary Otnes, granddaughter of John and Rosie (Roseanna) Otnes.  Iím at work right now so I donít have a lot of time but I typed in my dadís name and was directed to your website.  How great.  I think my brother Steve or sister Sue (Suzanne) sent me info about you two and your website but I never looked into it.  I wanted to correct some information you have on there if I could.  You have listed as our siblings: Susan, Steve, Lalani, Michelle and Mary.  Here is where the correction comes in.  Steve is the oldest.  I donít know if you were listing it from oldest to youngest but if you are, heís number one.  Then Sue (Suzanne) and then me, Michelle and then Mary.  Lalani is actually my Uncle Melvinís daughter.  She is our cousin.  I donít know how often you are updating the lists but there is some information for you.  It looks like a huge undertaking.  I havenít been through everything yet but am excited to do so.  This is my work email but it would probably be better to contact me at my home email if you need to.  That address is xxxx@xxxxx.xxx.  Thanks so much for what you are doing.


Michelle Harvey