August 26, 2004


Hey everyone, (Bom dia et Bonjour!)

I wanted to share with you the story of a child who needs your prayers immediately. His name is Nobson (nob*e*son). He was found by one of the local mothers in the Carolinas community where the House of Hope (HoH) is located. He was found asleep in a cardboard box. His mother was nearby but was high and incapable of taking care of him. Nobson is 18 month's old and weighs about 14 lbs. For those of you who don't realize, he is about 10 to 15 lbs too light for his height. The mother that found him and brought him to us is the mother of one of our children presently attending the HoH. Nobson's mother basically gave the boy away to this mother because she couldn't afford to keep it. (Later in the afternoon, she came looking for the boy saying she had changed her mind.) 


Fabi and I were unable to see the baby in the morning but were there in the afternoon. Ana our coordinator asked her to come back then with the baby. We also had one of the doctors who volunteers with us presently. Nobson is very weak. He can stand but only for short periods of time and walking is almost impossible for him. He has probably a thousand or so Mosquito bites all over his body. His belly was distended from malnourishment. He wanted to be held at all times. He was dehydrated and in need of some serious care. For those of you in the medical profession, he responded to voice. His responses were sluggish but at least he responded.


As of right now, Nobson is an official member of the HoH. We really do not know for how long. Children services has been called and they will be going to the mothers house to check her out and the living conditions.  They want to help her too. We told the mother that we love both her and Nobson, but Nobson is the priority here and she needs to change her life. We will not give her the baby back if she shows up drunk or high. She also needs to find full time work. We will accept any job from her that pays and keeps her out of trouble.

What to pray for:
1.) Nobson's health. That he would gain weight and that the case of worms he has would disappear. He is infested with intestinal worms. This is the potential death threat for Nobson.
2.) That Nobson's mother would change her life and meet Jesus. She is 17, addicted to drugs. Also pray for a mentor from the community to step forth.
3.) Pray for the safety of the mother who found Nobson. That there would be no retribution towards her.

We absolutely hate the thought of turning this child over to this mother but she needs to be given a chance with the help that we provide. Until children's services really gets involved, there is not a whole lot we can do other than make the mom, the best way we can, show up every morning. We just are doing what we know how to do. Feed, love and hold and starving, unloved and unsafe child. Nobson will eat 3 times a day here and will see a doctor once a week. He will be held daily. He will have snacks. He will play with other children instead of empty paint thinner cans. He will have fresh cloths and fresh diapers daily. And he will have prayer. And for 10 hours a day, he will be safe.

The mother kept her promise and brought Nobson for his first official day the HoH this morning. Pray for this family. He is a beautiful baby and we will watch him recover.

If you have any questions, please write to me or Fabi and we will answer them the best way we know how. I know that some of you want to know what you can do NOW. Pray! We do not know how long Nobson will be with us. It is a possibility that the state could take him away from the mother. If that happens, we will not have him anymore. So just pray for the Lord's will in this matter. Things will become more clear later next week.


God bless. Thank you for taking the time for reading what has turned into a long letter.

In His service,

John and Fabi