Sept 3, 2004


Hey everyone. Just an update on Nobson. I have good news, bad news and then more good. First, the good. Nobson has been at the Hoh for just one week and is gaining weight and is even starting to laugh and smile with the staff. He has been seen by 3 different doctors and he is has been safe this week.
The bad. The mother is tired of being told what to do with her son.
She does not like being told that her son needs to be at the HoH at 7:30 AM.
Apparently it is too early. So the mother took her son out of the HoH today. Brazilian law requires that all children must be dropped off at daycare facilities at very specific times. She doesn't want to abide by this.
The next good. We found the father of Nobson and he was horrified to hear that his son was living the way he was. Fabi is meeting with him and a social worker today, as of this writing, to teach the boy's father how to legally take the boy away from the mother. He wants to have his son back.
This is not over yet. We want Nobson to have the best that we can offer.

Prayer concerns:
* That Nobson would end up with his father and his wife. They have a desire to care for him and are willing to go to lengths to get him.

* Pray that the Lord lights a fire under someone's butt at children's services here. I am amazed at the slow response. Actually, part of me is not. There are so many children here like Nobson and worse that it would be hard to respond in a way that I am used to every child in need.

* Pray that the mother of Nobson would be changed by the power of Jesus and that she would stop hanging out with gangs. Also, that there would be no gang retributions or "paybacks" for anything going on. Especially if Nobson is taken away from the mother.

As always, if you have any questions, please write to me!