February 25, 2005


Hello everyone,

Hey!!! We just wanted to share with you the new plans for the orphanage. EMI was here this past week and the visit was wonderful. So this is the general gist of the new orphanage.
The orphanage will be two stories tall. Most hallways are open to the air and the cafeteria is all open air. It only has a roof. (Yes, the kitchen is enclosed). The main building is about 6000 square feet and the eating area is about 1000 square feet. This does not include the large all purpose areas that will have trees and grass. I will be sending you guys pictures of the floor plans as soon as I can. We have a had a wonderful trip with the guys. Sometimes working until 1:30 in the morning. But it has been worth it! We are so excited. Now this conceptual design is just that.
Conceptual. The orphanage will look like this but it is OK to change it still. But, there will probably not be any changes that you could see here with the outside.
One of the first things we did was to sit down with the guys and talk to them about what we wanted in an orphanage. We listed all the amenities and everything we had to have and then the team would meet and try to fit everything we wanted into the space that we had. After we were done, a couple of the guys did not seem too optimistic that we would be able to get all that we wanted, but in the end, we did! Even space was available for outdoor areas for the children to have separate play areas. So anyway, the Lord really blessed the trip and we thank you so much for the prayers. Just so you know, we had 1 architect, 1 landscape architect, 1 architect intern,
1 structural engineer and one civil engineer who specializes in waste management. They were all really fun to work with and really fun to be around!


Thank you for everything and God Bless!

John and Fabi