May 30, 2005


Hey everyone!


Just a short note to update you on some things and specifically ask for some prayer for a boy in the House of Hope. First and most importantly, is a boy named Marcio. His full name is Márcio José Carlos Filho. He is 4 years old and he is going to have a difficult time of it in the coming months and years. We found out this morning that his mother was murdered by gunshot this past weekend. She had been involved in some drugs and possibly some other things that had caused her to withdraw the last few weeks. As of this writing, Marcio does not know yet. We have tried to make his day as normal as possible until he goes home tonight where he will be with his grandparents and aunt and uncle. Please pray for this little one. Tonight especially.

Many of you may know that this is the same Marcio whose father was murdered about 2 years ago and then one of his uncles was murdered two weeks after that. He had finally started talking normally and was actually becoming a standout in the classroom these last few weeks and now this. So please pray for this little one. He will need it now more than ever.  Please pray for his protection specifically. Whoever killed his mother might want to get at him too or his remaining family. So thank you for the prayers!

Another prayer request. One of the walls that surrounds the House of Hope property fell the other night during a storm. Yes, the entire wall.
No one was hurt but the HoH has become just that much easier to break into.   Thankfully when John arrived at the HoH, our guard dogs were just hanging out in their home. Thank God for the rain! The dogs hate the rain. Anyway, until this can be fixed, we would appreciate extra prayers for the safety of the building. We know that it is just a "place", but it is the only "place" we have for these kids.

Lastly, please pray for our daughter Becca. She will be having surgeries next week to repair two separate hernias. It is outpatient stuff so we are not worried. But the enemy seems to be really stepping up attacks on the HoH and our family so we know that he would use anything to try to defeat the Lord's work here so we would appreciate the prayer here too!

Thank you for the prayers. We need them now more than ever. The closer we get to the goal here, the harder the enemy tries to stop us!


God Bless and remember us! John and Fabi

Note: Barb and I got to spend some time with Marcio when we were there in August 2004.