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2007 Juarez Mexico

Miguel and Alberta


Miguel and Alberta lived in downtown Juarez, always renting. They were able to help Daniel complete medical school as a general practice medical doctor. Alberta was diagnosed with a women’s cancer about four years ago, and was unable to work during her successful treatment. Miguel is a stage II diabetic, not doing too well at the moment and cannot work. They moved to Pastor Martin’s colonia about three years ago and a man gave them property to live on since Daniel would have his practice in that rural area. Late last year, they were told they would have to move their office and their home. Miguel and Alberta have six children that will live with them in the new home.  Missions Ministries hopes to help them with a new office and pharmacy before too long. Daniel seems very sharp and eager to learn new skills. He will join the El Paso medical team this Saturday at the Family Care Center. About 40% of their pharmacy stock is in the picture. The other children are from 14-25 years of age.  Only half of the family was available for the photo. Their new home should stabilize this family, and with a little push, Dr. Daniel and his practice could be thriving soon.


Ifran and Mariela


Ifran and Mariela lived the first four years of their life with her mom and her daughters and sons. They moved to Juarez about three years ago and bought the land they live on today. Over the past two years, her mom and daughters and sons have moved to Juarez to be near them, but they all live in the same house again. Currently nine people live in the pallet house. The standard of living is higher in Juarez than where they had previously been living, but they would like to raise their family in their own home. The rest of their extended family will remain in the pallet house for now. Ifran has a steady job as a concrete worker. Their land is on a hillside and this will be a most challenging build.  Their new single family home will be a very big blessing for their young family. 



Elvita and Merium

Elvita and her daughter Merium have lived in their little house for about four years. Elvita works in an industrial kitchen. Her husband beat her a lot and she left him. Recently, while they were sleeping one night, a fire broke out in either their house or the neighbor’s house. They awoke to the house on fire. Elvita tried to cover them with a wet blanket, but she slipped on the way out and fell into the fire and burned her arm. She is staying with her mother about 6 miles away. Their new home will be quite a blessing. The remains of her previous home are in the photo.







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