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Juarez Mexico

October 2008 Update


Dear friends,


Pastor Luis has a very small church in Kilometer 34. The area is really less developed than Kilometer 30. Pastor Luis has a lot of passion for sharing the gospel message. Pastor Luis' area currently has miserable electrical service. His church (currently held in his soup kitchen), Sunday school, church building and his home share a electrical meter with about 7 families. Often the bill is not paid by somebody and the power is turned off to the entire group. During church services, the sound system usually can't be on at the same time as the lights. Mexico is upgrading the electrical service in the area, as of a few weeks ago. Pastor Luis does his own music, and probably is our most musically challenged performing pastor, but his heart shows through. Since i have known him for about a year, he constantly gives the emergency housing to those in need on his property (church and Sunday school). The photo is but a glimpse of the families that will worship in the new church. The dedication ceremony on the final day will be the first event in the new church.


Blessings from Juarez,

jeff and jenny

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